Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gondola shelving - Every Retail Store "Must Have" item

Today big part of market share is occupied by the big self-service type retail stores, comparing to the small ones, where you can only get the product directly from the seller hands. So it's naturally appears that people will have to walk though store and take what they need. Every manager trying to place as much product in square feet as it possible, Of course keeping it logically and in bright mind. Till now the best way to do this is to use Gondola shelving. It can be called the best method to place products in stores in both ways - by saving store space and by letting customers to shop easier.

You can find Gondola shelving in every type of story starting by Grocery or Toy Stores and ending by Computer Stores. These shelves can hold heavy weight products too. Mainly because of their structure. All of these high quality shelves are manufactured using solid components made of steel or other heavy duty component. Of course they have to stand firm and that are ensured by the perfect structure and design.

Some of these shelving also have baked enamel finish to endure various conditions and to last for a longer time. Talking about usability, we can provide some numbers. For an instance, big majority of Gondola shelving support a weight from 450 to 550 lbs. Because of that, all kind of merchandise can be stored on shelves. The manager can even buy a deeper shelve and place much more one type items, so it won't run out so fast.

So it is obvious that by buying Gondola shelving you just have a win-win situation. And just the one question has left. What is the price? Frankly, there is no one correct answer. The price range can vary from 50 dollars to three or four digits number. It depends what kind of materials is used to manufacture it, what measurements you want and on much more variables. Of course, you always can save some money by buying it from second hands. Sometimes in this case you can buy almost a brand new product, what you just need is time for search and some luck. So be lucky buying Gondola Shelving for your store!